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Preparing for a move

If you have never hired a moving company before (or even if you have!) there are some things you can do to make the process as efficient as possible. With some of these helpful tips you can ensure our time is used to it's potential and that saves you money!

Have all belongings packed in marked boxes

Making sure all belongings in boxes are reinforced with packing tape and marked clearly for the destination. This way we can pack the items accordingly and we don't have to keep asking you where the items go when we are unloading.

Pack fragile items carefully

Use sheets or towels to line the bottom of the box and newspaper, packing paper or tissue paper for each item. Make sure to mark the box fragile so the movers load the truck to accommodate those items.

Don't pack boxes too heavy to carry

Sometimes you are so busy packing you don't realize how heavy the box is! If you can't lift it yourself please use a smaller box or replace some heavy items with lighter ones.

Clear walking pathways from house to truck

Make sure there are clear paths through the house and to the loading truck. This is both for our safety and to minimize the chance for damage to any of your items.

Allow vehicle access close to door

The closer we are able to get our ramp to your door to load and unload the faster the process!

Moving with Pets

We recommend securing your pets in a kennel or an empty room to reduce stress on your pet on your moving day.

Moving with Kids

We have experienced that moving can have an impact on children. It can be a positive one if they have had time to talk to their parents about it before their moving day. That way they can ask questions and feel involved in the decision. If possible, we recommend having a friend or relative look after them while the movers are working. Mom and Dad can get pretty busy with the process and it's sometimes easier on the family.